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Specification Review

ECS reviews specifications in detail and supplies customers with comments and proposed changes as appropriate. ECS maintains a library of relevant current standards issued by AREMA, ASTM, AEIC, ICEA, IEEE, NFPA, and UL. When bidding projects, ECS provides clarifications and exceptions to specifications when appropriate.

Detailed Quotes

ECS provides detailed descriptions of every cable we quote. Details include stranding, insulation and jacket wall thicknesses for many cables, cable listings, etc. Clarifications regarding freight, copper and aluminum pricing are also included. ECS issues formal quotes with revision numbers and issue dates to aid in document control.

Value Engineering

While not a fast moving high tech industry, cable manufacturers continue to press the limits of their capabilities. ECS stays current and offers alternative cable constructions whenever appropriate. Legacy specifications can cause confusion and increase lead times and cost of cables. ECS works hard for its customers to spot out of date or proprietary content in specifications.

Clear and Comprehensive Submittals

The submittal process can create a significant time drain for all involved. ECS focuses on clear and comprehensive submittals. Submittals include all items to be supplied by cable provider, and not just data sheets. Submittals are numbered, dated, tracked and logged. After acceptance, submittals are uploaded to ECS ReelTrack for access by the project team 24 x 7.

Certificates of Compliance / Certified Test Reports

At ECS we know our job continues after we deliver cable through any required quality documentation, installation question, close out requirements, etc. Our systems track all Certificates of Compliance and Certified Test Reports. COCs and CTRS are uploaded to ReelTrack for easy access by customers 24 x 7.

Custom Cable Design

ECS frequently assists customers with the design of a custom cable. Call us with the performance and application of any cable you cannot source. Likely we will have seen it, but if not we will work with you to design it.

Educational services from ECS

Cable Seminars

ECS presents seminars on topics ranging from cable basics to specific topics such as the impact of NFPA 310 2014.


ECS frequently responds to customer technical requests with a brief white paper covering the question raised.

ECS Reel Report

ECS has begun a series of newsletters called the ECS Reel Report. Customers can access Reel Reports via the ECS website.

Packaging and shipping options

Packaging Options

  • Lagging
  • Paralleling
  • Triplexing or Quadraplexing
  • Stripping
  • Returnable steel reels
  • Palletized reels for smaller reels
  • Cradles for medium sized reels
  • Quick Pull Assembly

Shipping Options

  • Freight allowed shipments
  • Freight pre-paid and billed
  • Dedicated shipments
  • Expedited shipments
  • Courier delivery
  • Flatbed trucks
  • LTL carriers